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Project SEU - MPU3

(Converting Exchanges Galore) - see it run click here

Converting Exchanges Galore back to Super Exchanges Unlimited....

There are three main parts to this conversion. The reel bands have to be changed, the program needs to be changed and the glasses need to be changed. The rest of the machine is common to both builds. The lamp masking can be re-used.


The most time consuming part is removing the lamp masking from the EG glasses and reapplying double sided foam to the replacement SEU glasses.

I was lucky enough to be given a set of Nudges Unlimited reel drums which are almost identical to the ones used in Super Exchanges Unlimited. The only way to tell the difference is the blue 10p on the centre reel. This doesn’t bother me and makes no difference.


Someone had really gone to town on the cabinet and had removed the S10 mechs for the 50p and 20p play and the token mech, tube and token slide. All this had to be replaced from a box of donor parts that I had in my shed.


I was also given an original SEU program card by Richie100 and reel drums. This made all the difference and I didn’t need to get the ROMS hacked for this project.


It was time consuming to put it back to together because so much of the original machine had been removed and probably took about 8 hours to convert back including stripping the reel deck.


The glasses aren’t perfect, but they are good enough for me.