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I picked this machine up from a member with a lamp fault.


Static lamps OK, but no feature lamps. Checked PSU, 250v 5w fuse fell apart but not the fault. Checked all voltages which are OK including the 55v relay which clicks on and conducts as it should. Voltage at purple wire = 60v DC no load.


I was going to wait for the Queen of Clubs to arrive, but couldn't wait any longer, so I had to fix it.


There's a large track running from the 55v pin past where the battery was. The track is blown. Clean PCB with pencil, jumper track with wire. Board boots and straight away I can see the TT light which wasn't on before. Unfortunately, I now get System status 15 which halts normal operation!


I don't have the manual, but Magik got hold of a copy and it's reel 3 OPTO read fail. Except it's not! All OPTOS are good and the fault doesn't follow the reel, so it's on the PCB. It's a right pain in the arse because it did boot when I got it. Last night I ran out of time.


Look again today, wiggle the bottom plug and it boots straight away. There's a dry joint on the OPTO plug somewhere, but for now, let's just have a game...

(see it run, click here)