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I have 5 ACE System 1 PCBS


Board 1 has been killed by battery damage, so that's had the vinegar

treatment and is currently drying out.


Board 2 boots but with reel spin error. (reel 1 and 2 spin but are not detected and therefore don't index)


Board 3 boots and seems OK, but has not been tested properly. (no time last night for a full test)


Board 4 doesn't boot initially, but comes to life after 5 minutes. Then seems OK.


Board 5 boots and seems OK, but needs testing


We start with board 2.


I had never looked at a System 1 board before and I didn't know where to start. The manual and schematics are available for System 1 so that was a big help.


Magik explained (I hope I've got this right) IC3 controls the reel unit. The inputs for IC3 are driven by the outputs from IC31-IC34. The machine can't see the reel optos, but the optos are working because the LEDS go out as the tabs pass the sensors. The reels continue to spin. (I know the reel deck optos are good because it works with other boards).


Ace System 1 continued...


Ace System 1



Ace machines are getting quite rare now. I’ve been told it’s because the ROMS were on the main board and not in a program module. I have 4 ACE machines, Top of the Bill, Hot Profit, Primetime and Take it or Leave it. I love Ace System 1 machines and I wish I had more.


ACE System 1 boards do not like cold weather. Below 5 degrees C and forget it!


Let’s repair System 1. ACE SYSTEM 1 MANUAL

Repair Log...