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Project AR - Autoroute

(Naughty but Nice conversion)  - MPU3 - see it run click here

Unbelievably, I got a set of Autoroute glasses and since Naughty but nice shares the same cabinet as AR, I’m going to convert it.

I don’t normally like sacrificing original Barcrest games when doing a conversion, but since donor cabinets are now so rare and finding an original Autoroute cabinet is almost impossible, I really have no choice  but to use my second Naughty but nice.


I did consider using an MPU4 cabinet, but there are considerable differences in the coin handling.

Each one gets a bit easier, I had a spare set of reel bands and program card given to me by my good friend Nick. He also gave me the diagram from his build, so it was just a case of getting and doing the lamp loom.  The meters and switches were so similar, there was almost no modification. I touched up the frames and added new button decals for Cancel Re-route and Go Left, Go right which Jonno kindly did for me.

It came out really well and the donor glasses are 9/10 which is a real bonus.