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Repair Log… (23/5/11) - MPU3


Missing transistors but 5v present


C3 is corroded and in poor condition so replace that with 2200uf 40v electro axial cap.


Missing transistors BCX38. I don't know what they do, but Magik does. It turns out they are not needed in an AWP they are the REEL D drives. I will replace them when I get some in.


Power up - Nothing!


Board has some battery corrosion, so clean that, up. In particular, the right hand RAM socket is green with fur. Replace socket, replace RAM.


Board does not start. 5V OK.


Remove T59 and R79, for manual reset. Jumper wire between R and 0v test point, board starts and initialises into attract.


Need to order T59 and R79 as I snapped it when removing it. No further testing at this time, just get it running for now.