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Just couldn’t resist it for £20.


I picked this machine up locally on my way home from home work. An old couple said they had owned it for 30 years??? I guess time plays tricks with the mind and anyone can get confused?


It’s a Barcrest Andy Capp which has sadly been converted from £6 to £8 all cash jackpot. The conversion is shoddy and the bottom glass has been butchered when the mask was pulled off and the decals altered. The new awards are poorly reproduced and there’s not much that can be done to repair the mess really.


The top glass has faired better, but again the awards have been changed. Strangely though the £6 award remains for completing the trail. So although the JP is £8, you only get £6 for getting Andy to the boozer which bothers me somehow?


It’s 10p play, so the profile is very flat and boring. Endless spins of nothing and then suddenly a jackpot. The interactive sound is really annoying and I’m hoping there is a way of disabling it?


Faults are battery damaged MPU and a bad PSU, apart from the that, it seems quite original. I’ve replaced the MPU and PSU and sorted the bulbs and dodgy masks as best I can. Overall, It’s OK for the money and the cab is quite tidy. (6/10)