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Phase 3 - Cabinet Refurbishment


This time I don’t have the luxury of a ‘nice’ cabinet, I have to work at this one. Make no mistake, you get what you pay for and I did not pay much for this one and so a lot more work is required.


All frames have been stripped and painted, this time I used a wire brush rather than a small grinder. The frames were also in poor condition and needed a lot more work. I also used a metallic black paint rather than a basic gloss black. I use a high build primer, then the black and then finish with a clear lacquer.


Last time, I just put the plastic corners in the dishwasher which ‘whitened’ them. This time, I primed and painted them as I did the frames, the result is better.


Frames typically take all afternoon no matter how you do them. The hotter the weather the better the paint finish and the faster you can work.


The lamp box was wire brushed and lacquered. The coin bezel was wire bushed and sprayed, the rings were added later from a donor machine.


The reel deck carrier was, again, wire brushed, primed and painted.


I could do with some sort of decal for the coin bezel, but at the moment, I’m not sure what to do about that. I guess that could be added later?

Still loads to do on the cab, payout slides (I have these) to be added, new coin acceptors, all flo-tube wiring to go in. I also need to drill out the 4th button on the middle button bank.


Time to start reassembly...

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