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What do I think of the build?


It’s amazing what can be done with some effort, a wiring diagram and some help and guidance from Mecca members. comment...


When Nick started this project he had never done anything like this before so it shows that these machines can be brought back from the dead with dedication and hard work.


There isn’t much to do to complete the machine. Once the repro-reel bands have been fitted to the reel deck, Autoroute will be finished.


In terms of the completeness and accuracy to the original machine, this will be 9/10. Yes it would have been nice to have had an original loom and program card, but as in all these things, you just have to improvise. rating 9/10


Some damage to the Bar Bell cabinet has to repaired as part of the cabinet restoration.

Cleaning and polishing of all the internal components add to the quality of the overall build... really nice work

The glass in the new frames looks amazing. Powder coating really is the way to go. The lift and shine is fab. The original frames are blasted and recoated in a polymer paint which is heat set. The effect is about as good as you can get.

While you can understand why operator’s converted the originals, we like to convert them back!

This where this build really excels. The frames were powder coated to as closely match the originals as could be done.

Now  fitted with those elusive reel bands.