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Project CU - My next build will be a Chances Unlimited

I got the glass on Sunday. There is some work to do on the lamp mask, but that should be easy enough. I have a donor mask which can be modified to replace the missing holders. Overall the glass is nice with only a few blemishes and marks.

I've got the de-protected ROMS already, so the two hardest components are in the bag.

I need a donor cabinet. (if it has the OU/CU decal all the better, if not then I'll take whatever) I'd like it to have the buttons, frames, coin slots and preferably the PSU.

This time there will be 6 distinct phases;


Phase 1 - Circuit diagram and Glasses

Phase 2 - Donor Cabinet


Phase 3 - Cabinet Refurbishment


Phase 4 - Lamp Loom and Switch Loom

Phase 5 - ROMS and Reel Bands

Phase 6 - Testing

Initial check list; (*denotes critical part)

CU Glass* - yes
CU ROMS* - yes
CU wiring diagram* - Yes
CU Cabinet - Yes
Donor switch/meter loom - yes (will use Gold mine)
Lamp loom - No (will build from scratch)
MPU3 - yes (well I need to repair one)
PSU - yes


Chances needs 8 buttons on the bottom panel, I only have 7. You can’t do away with Nudge UP because you have to manually nudge in your wins when you are awarded unlimited nudges. I will have to add the extra button to the middle button set.


Chances lamp loom needs some extra care, CU lamps are much closer together, so it is possible that the lamp holders and/or connections could short again each other. This has to be a consideration when doing the wiring which is why the mask needs to be in good shape so the holders are held fast.


At this point I have repaired the mask using a glue gun and a donor mask from an old machine.


Phase 3 - Cabinet Refurbishment


I’ve stripped the donor cabinet. The cab has been exposed to moisture for some time and all the metal work is badly corroded or rusted. The frames will be OK once stripped and painted. The coin mechs will have to be replaced as they are badly corroded.

The flo-tube wiring is finished and will have to be replaced and the power supply wiring is badly burnt and will need to be replaced also. The sound assembly needs some work and I think it would be better to replace the the speaker.

On the plus side, the cabinet can be refurbished, all the pipes and manifolds can be reused and the T-mould can be re-attached. I need to drill out another button hole in the middle bank. The chip board is already drilled, so just the metal plate to do. I'll stain the scratches on the side of the cab and replace the kick rubber.

Phase 1 & 2 - Circuit diagram,  Glasses and Cab

Using a donor cabinet PCP Online, the black frames and tan veneer are correct, the coins slots and buttons are not correct but we will improvise this time.

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