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Project AR - Auto Route by Sulzerned


This really is an excellent machine which is held in high regard by many fruit machine collectors’ Autoroute - MPU3.


As with my Razzle Dazzle build, Nick had to build  it from the ground up from just the glass and a donor cabinet completely recreating wiring looms from scratch. In many ways, this machine is as true as it can be to the original machine.


The original cabinet is correct, the frames have been powder-coated to as closely match the original colour as possible.


As of 1 April 2013 - Nick is just waiting for a set of repro reel bands.


The pictures tell the whole story...


Barcrest MPU3 - Autoroute.   Home


Start with a donor cabinet Bar Bell which once was an Autoroute... Time to convert is back to it’s former glory.

The Bar Bell loom is used as the basis for the loom. The work here follows the original more closely than my builds.

The lamp mask had to be completely created from scratch using scrap VACS. Very time consuming work.

Make shift reel bands were created to be used for testing. Sometimes you just have to improvise in these situations. You can actually play the machine using these bands. (they did make me smile)


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